We need your help!

We wanted to reach out today and check-in with all of our Active Summer Camp families. Much like you all, we have all felt the effects of the current situation around the world, whether that be having to work from home, or like many parents, having children home from school.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 and the issues surrounding the guidance, we are currently asking for your help.

We are currently HOMELESS

How can you help?

Do you have a venue where we can run from? We have tried numerous venues and schools, however, unfortunately they are unable to facilitate our awesome activities for the summer. Can you help recommend one?

The situation isn't ideal as we are only 16 days away from our 2020 summer holidays. If we are unable to find a facility over the next week, this will mean we won't be able to run our programme for the School Holiday period. The health and well being of our campers and staff has always been our number one priority and as we approach the summer we are constantly following guidance from the Government and Local Authorities. We need time to ensure all our staff are trained to the highest standard, whilst ensuring all the correct measures are in place to run safely.

Please email us with any ideas, or venue which we may be able to use;

Here is our most common question answered;

· Will you be running a Camp over the Summer? We still can't give you a 100% definitive YES or NO answer. The Department for Education has released their guidance, however, we do not have a facility to accommodate us.

We will only run Camp;

1. If it is safe to do so

2. So long as we have appropriate and adequate staffing arrangements

3. If we are able to participate in Games and Activities, as most of the activities we run will be very difficult with social distancing in place.

Best regards,

George - Director

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